TOP 10 Grooves and Beats

TOP 10 Grooves and Beats

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Art.Nr.: 978-3-89775-111-8
Hersteller: Andy Gillmann
Mehr Artikel von: Andy Gillmann

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Andy Gillmann a didactic DVD focussing on precise and easily comprehensible explanations for you to copy. For beginners and advanced students. In ten chapters Andy Gillmann gives an introduction to the most interesting groove concepts on eighth and sixteenth independence, shuffle, ghostnotes, paradiddles, right-hand lead, hand-to-hand, linear phrasing, spezial tom grooves, splashed HiHat and further areas. This DVD offers clear instructions for effective self-teaching and acquiring a comprehensive groove repertoire. The concepts are all demonstrated at a slow and comprehensible pace, ensuring maximum clarity for learners, even those that cannot read music.

Bassdrum technique–Ten chapters grooves and beats–Top shot camera, split screen– PDFs with musical notation to the respective chapters–„Groove gifts" and brushes performance.

 140 minutes





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