Fundamental Concepts for Drummers

Fundamental Concepts for Drummers

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Art.Nr.: 978-3-89775-127-9
Hersteller: Stefan Schütz
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Stefan Schütz

The Knowledge of the Pros. A guide for all drummers, teachers and students alike.

This book is a comprehensive guide. It describes the fundamental concepts which a modern drummer should be familiar with. All elementary issues of drumming are analyzed systematically. The book demonstrates approaches from scratch for reaching top results and a maximum joy of playing the instrument. A conceptional guide for all drummers, teachers and students alike. 


I Acknowledgments  4
II Introduction 5
II.1 The educational Approach, or, How can he know? 7
II.2 Music as a Language 9
II.3 Three large Areas 10
II.4 The Limits of a Book 11
II.5 Sound vs. Artistry – What I pay Attention to 12
II.6 Patterns of Thought 14
III Technique 15
III.1 Technique and Speed, two Sides, one Coin 17
III.2 Seeing and Hearing have much in Common    18
III.3 Sticks, the Extensions of our Arms  24
III.4 Hand Technique 24
III.5 Foot Technique 28
III.6 Parallelisms, Antagonisms, and other Things 30
III.7 Another technical Aspect: The Setup of the Drum Set  32
IV Rhythm 35
IV.1 What is Rhythm? 35
IV.2 Measures 37
IV.3 Note Value Tree 38
IV.4 Rhythmical Basis of the binary and ternary Structures 38
IV.5 Subdivisions which cannot be found in a Book 40
IV.6 The hierarchical Structure of applied Rhythmics,
 or, the End of Correction 43
IV.7 Mathematics, or, the Limits of Theory 44 IV.8 Separation of Sounds, or, the End of Parallelity -
 Horizontal and Vertical Patterns of Thought 45
IV.9 Groovy Exercises which enter our Consciousness 47
IV.10 Switching off for a Change 48
IV.11 The Internal Clock  49
IV.12 Another Style, another Basis, or, Why does our Salsa sound so bad? 51
IV.13 Pop Music and Classical Music, Folk Music and Techno  54
V Stylistics 56
V.1 What Parameters we have 56
V.2 Orchestration, or, How do I make it sound? 57
V.3 Flow Exercises 59
V.3 Paradiddles, the underestimated Rudiments 61
V.5 Hand-and-Foot Combinations 62
V.6 Click 64
V.7 Laid Back, Feeling, and the End of Legends 67
V.8 Hi-Hat or sounding Meter 69
V.9 Grooves 70
VI Miscellanea 73
VI.1 How many Limbs do we have, actually? 73
VI.2 Everything according to Plan 73
VI.3 Reading Music and Charts 76
VI.4 Musical Styles 78
VI.5 Copying allowed and expected 80
VI.6 Fill-in Concepts 83
VI.7 Improvisation, or, the Art of Talking Freely 85
VI.8 Creativity - An Excursion 87
VI.9 The Drum Solo 90
VI.10 Why always by Oneself? A small Discussion Panel of Two 93
VI.11 Odd Times, Metric Modulation, Groove Displacement, and... 94
VI.12  What ́s my task in a band? 98
VI.13 Final Remarks 102

This is clearly a book which should be part of each drummer‘s, drum teacher‘s, and drum school‘s library. One of the most important publications of the past few years and(...) a unique masterpiece...“
Sticks Magazine
„This is simply a tremendous work.“
René Creemers
„There are a thousand books showing what to play. The vast majority of drummers don´t need more things to play; what they need ist to have of clearer picture of how, where and why to play the things they play, in other words, wisdom. Stefan Schuetz´s thought provoking new book clearly addresses these bigger musical questions“.
John Riley

Stefan Schütz, born 1964, is founder, director, and teacher at the drum department, one of the largest and most successful German drumming schools, based in Stuttgart. He taught at a municipal music school for many years and holds a lectureship at the College of Church Music in Tübingen in the subject field of popular music. He is a graduate of pop music at the Hamburg College of Music and Theater and was teacher and officer of the Landesarbeitskreis Band (regional band task force) in Baden-Württemberg. Besides his activities at the drum department, he is a freelance drummer and producer, conducts band seminars and seminars for private enterprises.




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